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desi aunty photo gallery – Creations In

Creations In Wood Photo Gallery (The Kick-Start Creativity Series)
Creations In Wood Photo Gallery (The Kick-Start Creativity Series)
The four Books of

The Kick-Start Creativity Series

Handcrafted Jewelry Photo Gallery

Wire Jewelry Photo Gallery

Creations in Wood Photo Gallery

Bargello Quilts Photo Gallery

The Kick-Start Creativity Series
is a 4-book collection of photos and ‘how to tips’ from the 40-year working life of Joyce Zborower, a fine craft’s artist creating unique, one-of-a-kind products in the areas of metal (gold and silver and semi-precious stones), wood (rare, exotic woods with semi-precious stones), and fiber (bargello technique for wall hangings and bed quilts).

What You’ll Get Inside These Pages

The four books of this series are primarily photos of my work over the years (1975 – 2012) to hopefully give you ideas for your own work and include:

— Handcrafted Jewelry Photo Gallery —- Cast Jewelry — Fabricated Jewelry

All of the cast pieces were produced by the lost wax casting method prior to 1980. Each unique wax model was slowly built up –drop by drop — by melting wax over an open alcohol flame on the blade of a re-purposed dental instrument. Creating each wax model took many hours and, sometimes, several days or weeks. The model was then encased in a plaster-of-Paris like substance and heated to melt out the wax (leaving a cavity for the metal). Then the metal was melted and injected into this cavity.

The fabricated jewelry was created with the help of an oxy-acetylene torch and hard silver or gold solder and finishing techniques.

— Wire Jewelry Photo Gallery —- Original Designs

Basically, wire jewelry is produced by bending wire with various kinds of pliers and/or your fingers.

— Creations in Wood Photo Gallery —- Jewelry Boxes, Screens, Storage Ideas

Working with wood is very special. I love how it smells as I’m cutting or sawing or sanding. It’s a very earthy, fresh smell. And once it’s sanded smooth, running your hand over its surface feels sensuous – almost religious. It’s a good feeling to work with wood.

— Bargello Quilts Photo Gallery —- Quilt Wall Hangings

The quilts are fun to play with. One wall of my family room is draped in white felt fabric. This (called a design wall) is where all the small pieces-parts that go into building the quilt design are pinned prior to being sewn into a solid design. It’s fun to see the reactions of visitors to my home when they first come upon an unfinished king or queen size quilt hanging on the wall.

The unifying factor with all of these seemingly diverse crafts is that they are all puzzles where you first need to create the pieces before you can build the puzzle. I find that fascinating. It’s kept my involved for the past 40 years.

If you’d like to get a look at the first several pages of the book, scroll on up to the “Look Inside” button located near the top left of the screen. And if you’d like to see them all, just click the Buy button for an instant download.

Aunty Phyllis 010

Aunty Phyllis 010
Aunty Phyllis 91 years old this year. Determined not to let technology pass her by having a go on my laptop.

aunty and brother

aunty and brother
aunty and brother

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